Sunday, April 29, 2007


Yay, new items! Cay is the newest addition to Vitamin Ci. Issa Scaggs came up with the name. She said it reminded her of the Cayman Islands. I agree...I need a vacation...It comes with a top, capris, prim capri cuffs, and a flex belt. Colors: Orange, Green, Purple, Pink (shown), and Blue. Stop by the main store to pick up these goodies. ENJOY! xoxo

PS: As of this past Friday, I am officially a Middle Grades Education Teacher...certified to teach Language Arts and Social Studies...That long road to a B.S. is finally over...Masters (and chilluns), here I come :-D

Thursday, April 05, 2007


Springtime is here and Breeze is a sexy yet classy way to strutt your stuff. Breeze comes with a top, skirt, and glitch pants. Colors: Blue (shown), Berry, Antique, White, Coral, and Mint. Matching heels (sold seperately) are designed by Keirsten Goode of All Gooie (also on the Vitamin Ci sim)! Check out the "new" section @ the center of Vitamin Ci's main store. Enjoy!

Monday, April 02, 2007

Sup Rachel?

...Yeah, I know. Don't hurt me! It's been a while....BUT...I have some goodies for you...WEEE! Vitamin Ci-Rachel. She's the classy chick that you know has lots of tricks up her sleeve. This outfit comes with a top, flex prim skirt, and a regular skirt that you can wear alone for a more pencil skirt look :-D

Colors: Black/Red (shown), Blue, Brown, and Taupe.

I hope you like...ENJOY! (Available @ Vitamin Ci's main store)

BTW...It's my spring chilluns for a WHOLE week. Can we say yay?