Tuesday, December 19, 2006

Hallow Revisited...

Many of you may already own the dress Vitamin Ci: Hallow...but you do not own it with a flexi prim skirt and scarf...you ALSO don't own the colors blue and black! Yes, I revisited Hallow, made some improvements and I have to say I'm pleased. I hope you are too. If you own Hallow (the brown one) already, IM me and I will trade you for the new version. If not...stop on by Vitamin Ci...ENJOY! xoxo
ps: My messages cap often..so if you don't catch me...IM again...I promise I"m not ignoring you.

Monday, December 18, 2006


If you haven't noticed, I've been trying some new things (a different style). Not to say I've perfected anything. For instance with the cut of the top; it does something weird near the straps that wouldn't bug most people but has bugged the heck out of me. Next dress cut like this I'll figure out a solution. Although new techniques will take tweaking--I am taking more risks. Hopefully those risks will produce some beautiful things. Vitamin Ci-Catherine has an old time feel with a modern touch. Sexy, yet classy, Catherine comes in three colors: Gold (shown), Silver, and Red. Each outfit comes with a top, two skirt legnths, and a flexi scarf. Items available @ Vitamin Ci's main store in Extraordinaire. Stop on by!

Tuesday, December 12, 2006

Correction...No Jolee Blue

So, my addicts and a couple of people who heard by word of mouth this morning got a chance to take advantage of an 1L outfit from my store. Reason being? Well, after staring at the Jolee outfits, I decided that the blue one was just plain ugly. All the rest grew on me and I figured that soon that one would too...but, it never did...and I could not in good conscience have people spending that much money on an outfit of mine that I thought was ugly...sooo, I made another color: Olive. I put it in the pack and sold the blue one for 1L until I finished changing the advert for the outfits. I was surprised at the response for an 1L item. A customer named Candee bought her entire Lucky Chair crew with her; it was funny. At any rate, out with the Blue (except @ Body Perfect in their newbie section), and in with the Olive. It fits much better and now I'm in lurve! Enjoy!

Monday, December 11, 2006

Vitamin Ci-Jolee

Alrighty! So, I tried something different. At first sight you may be like...meh! BUT...I promise you...it grows on you. It grew on me. Desigers...ever try to go one direction with a design and it takes you some place completely different. I was going for modern ...and I got Jolee. Comes in 4 yummy colors (Ginger is shown). Package has, top, shorts for prim skirt, and flex prim skirt. Buy indviduals or buy the pack. Available @ Vitamin Ci's main store in Extraordinaire. Check out the "new" section at the center of the store. Enjoy!