Monday, January 21, 2008

New Separates @ Vitamin Ci xoxo

Sexy, Detailed, and Versatile Jeans. They're mod, can be worn with boots, or with the prim slight flares that are included. These jeans come in blue, tan, and black . Wear with your favorite top OR purchase Hanky:

These tops come in 9 colors and are sold separately. You wont be disappointed with any of these items shading and detail. Stop by Vitamin Ci's main store on Hefferoo TODAY! Also available on OnRez.

On a side note for you kiddies....several older items have now been moved upstairs in Vitamin Ci and are discounted (100L or less). Check it out. xoxo

Monday, January 14, 2008

Candy Contains Vitamin Ci?

Maybe. We'll need to fact check that. Until then...

Congratulations Lunette Fox for winning Ci's Caption Contest! "SCIENTIST FINDS CANDY CONTAINS VITAMIN CI" won her L$1000 AND every color of Vitamin Ci-Valentine. Thanks everyone who entered the guys really made me laugh!

Now, Introducing Vitamin Ci-Valentine...

It can be worn short, for hot salsa dancing or long for a lovely formal event. It comes in 6 hot colors: white (shown), red (shown), pink, magenta, bronze, black. Impress your significant other with this very sexy dress. Available @ VCi's main store on Hefferoo and Onrez. Enjoy! xoxo

Wednesday, January 09, 2008

10L Sporty VDay Edition

Vitamin Ci-Sporty V-Day can be found limited time on the Hefferoo Sim for 10L. There's a display located right at Vitamin Ci's landing point, as well as one inside of the store. xoxo

PS: Remember to enter Ci's Caption Contest on my previous post. I will pick a winner on the 14th of Jan. You'll win L$1000 AND 6 beautiful formal outfits. Good luck! :-D

Thursday, January 03, 2008

Ci's Caption Contest (Win Dresses & L$)

Slap ya momma! I'm doing formals! I'm not sure what it is: the fact that marriage bliss gave me the patience to do so or Valentine's Day means more to me this year but I was inspired!

Now, to the contest....Bella Domela and I were sporting two of the six (not yet released) Vitamin Ci-Valentine dresses when all of a sudden, this hot stranger shows up with a box of candy! Luckily paparazzi were on the scene to take pictures. So, imagine this picture was just sold to you for the tabloids. It's being published in your paper tomorrow! Give this picture a title/caption.

Whoever makes up the caption I like most, will win all 6 Valentine dresses the day of their release (January 14, 2008) AND L$1000!


-Write your title/caption in this blog's comments
-Make sure your Second Life name is posted somewhere on the comments.
-Use no more than six words
-One entry only, please
-Must enter before January 13, 2008 @ 11:59pm (SL Time)

More surprises are on their way from Vitamin Ci so stay tuned :-D