Tuesday, December 12, 2006

Correction...No Jolee Blue

So, my addicts and a couple of people who heard by word of mouth this morning got a chance to take advantage of an 1L outfit from my store. Reason being? Well, after staring at the Jolee outfits, I decided that the blue one was just plain ugly. All the rest grew on me and I figured that soon that one would too...but, it never did...and I could not in good conscience have people spending that much money on an outfit of mine that I thought was ugly...sooo, I made another color: Olive. I put it in the pack and sold the blue one for 1L until I finished changing the advert for the outfits. I was surprised at the response for an 1L item. A customer named Candee bought her entire Lucky Chair crew with her; it was funny. At any rate, out with the Blue (except @ Body Perfect in their newbie section), and in with the Olive. It fits much better and now I'm in lurve! Enjoy!

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