Wednesday, January 17, 2007

Why the 2.0's?

Well, some people think that after making an outfit and getting better, that the old "ugly" ones should go in a vault and never be seen again. I disagree. The idea is still great and with a little more knowledge, you can make an outfit that looked "okay" and turn it into your current fabulous. That's what I've done with Vitamin Ci-Sporty v2.0. I've fixed up some thangs, made them pastel (Cotton Candy, shown), added socks and there you go! Customers are happy about the boycut shorts and I'm happy a good idea that started off with a cut off top and some boyshorts turned into something else...with a little bit of shading here and there! New Vitamin Ci-Sporty v2.0 is available @ my main store in Extraordinaire. Enjoy!

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