Monday, August 27, 2007

Blog Reader's Spotlight

Congratulations to all my blog readers that received a free Vitamin Ci outfit! This game was really fun so look forward for more in the future!


1. Helix Rehula
2. Bintang Villota
3. Sherpa Davies
4. Lia2 Vella
5. Zoey Pinkdot
6. Vel Noarlunga
7. Elusyve Jewell
8. Whisper Ivory
9. Helianthus Mesmer
10. aslara Miles

I also interviewed Vitamin Ci Blog reader, aslara Miles, about VCi. Isn't she so cute in her new Vitamin Ci-Jolee Olive outfit? It's even more fab cause it was free. YAY! See what an addict like yourself had to say, below:

[11:55] Ciera Bergman: How often do you read my blog?
[11:56] aslara Miles: every new blog
[11:56] aslara Miles: or new item
[11:56] Ciera Bergman: What's your favorite thing about Vitamin Ci?
[11:56] aslara Miles: i love the colors
[11:57] aslara Miles: your style!
[11:57] Ciera Bergman: Also, tell me about your favorite Vitamin Ci outfit and why is it ya fav?
[11:58] aslara Miles: my favorite is the Argyle outfit
[11:58] aslara Miles: i have the whole pack, lol
[11:59] aslara Miles: very cute outfit
[11:59] Ciera Bergman: Yay, ty for reading my blog and taking the time to do an interview
[11:59] Ciera Bergman: i appreciate it
[11:59] aslara Miles: your welcome, have a nice time, bye Ciera

Thank you everyone who reads my blog and supports Vitamin Ci! It' means the world to me :-D

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