Sunday, September 23, 2007

Get Fit @ Pixel Deep

Ahhh, yes... Joannah Cramer has been busy on the Hefferoo Sim making a "fit" version of her lustre skin, this means more body definition. Ya likes? Well of course you do...and it not just ONE skin...The skin is mod so you can make it a darker or lighter also comes with 4 makeup options, different eyebrow colors, naughty down there hair colors, as well as different shaves. I mean after you've bought one skin you feel like you've done some serious shopping for a VERY reasonable price. Stop by Pixel Deep today. It's located in the back of Vitamin Ci's main store in Hefferoo (I'm sure you'll also like Joannah's facelift for her spot).

Additional makeups are on their way soon and I'll post and update as SOON as they're out. Enjoy xoxo

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