Thursday, January 03, 2008

Ci's Caption Contest (Win Dresses & L$)

Slap ya momma! I'm doing formals! I'm not sure what it is: the fact that marriage bliss gave me the patience to do so or Valentine's Day means more to me this year but I was inspired!

Now, to the contest....Bella Domela and I were sporting two of the six (not yet released) Vitamin Ci-Valentine dresses when all of a sudden, this hot stranger shows up with a box of candy! Luckily paparazzi were on the scene to take pictures. So, imagine this picture was just sold to you for the tabloids. It's being published in your paper tomorrow! Give this picture a title/caption.

Whoever makes up the caption I like most, will win all 6 Valentine dresses the day of their release (January 14, 2008) AND L$1000!


-Write your title/caption in this blog's comments
-Make sure your Second Life name is posted somewhere on the comments.
-Use no more than six words
-One entry only, please
-Must enter before January 13, 2008 @ 11:59pm (SL Time)

More surprises are on their way from Vitamin Ci so stay tuned :-D


Zelly Zadoq said...

$3 Chocolates...2 Hot Women... Priceless!!

Zelly Zadoq

Melanie Zhao said...

Hello girls, I'm looking for the gorgeous, beautiful Melanie Zhao, do you think she'll like these chocolates?

- Entry by Melanie Zhao ;-) I win, now give me my dresses pleaase!

Kit Maitland said...

...throwdown in the water beeeey-otch...Dynasty style!

Ana Lutetia said...

Sweets for a sweet girl

Ana Lutetia

Tasty Tiramisu said...

May I melt in your mouth?

Tasty Tiramisu

Myllie Writer said...

It depends on the kind of newspaper:

Tabloid: (dramatic)
"Poisoned chocolates kill famous designer"

Women’s newspaper: (naive)
"10 simple ways to win a women’s heart"

Social magazine style: (gossip)
"Ciera caught in the act with mysterious lover"

Scientific studies newspaper: (statistics)
"Study reveals that 99% of women chose chocolate over sex"

I know, I used more than 6 words, but I couldn't resist

Kitridge DeSantis said...

Dangerous venus flytrap/man mutation invades. (women beware!)

-Kitridge DeSantis ;)

Tuli Asturias said...

OMG you PIG, the box is EMPTY!

Tuli Asturias said...

Oh wait! No that was what I imagined HER saying...

A headline could be...

exhibitionist romance: man shows random women his genital shaped chocolates

caLLie cLine said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
caLLie cLine said...

"death BY chocolate"

(after killing her best friend and 2 timing man, ciera enjoys a nice box of chocolate... the ONLY witness to the crime of passion. she MUST do away with ALL evidence!

Rachelle said...

Man's last resort when flattery fails: chocolates.

Rachelle Cortes

Caroline Apollo said...

"Stranger is Sweet on Fashion Designer"

Anonymous said...


Lunette Fouroux

Christine said...

My chocolate hearts- let me show you them.

Sorry couldn't resist a lolcat based one.

Beautiful dresses though!!!!
kesseret steeplechase