Friday, February 08, 2008

DiS Treasure Hunt Gift #8

I am a part of a group of Designers who have organized a Treasure Hunt for you loverly addicts. What does that mean for you? Free items hidden all over the grid. Over 40 stores are participating so good luck! The hunt starts Feb. 9th @ 1:00am SL time. The starting location is on the Sweet Sorrow sim. Gift boxes and instructions will be given on site. Good luck and I hope you all participate! xoxo

And what is MY free item? Vitamin Ci-Broken Heart! It comes with a top, socks, gloves, and bootay shorts!

Look for goodies for both men & women from other designers at the hunt:

~ *AE* ~ Accessories by Eolande ~ ANIMAH ~ AnnaH ~ Balderdash ~ Bodies by Oh! ~ Boingo ~ Calla ~ Caroline’s Jewelry ~ Cassini Creations ~ CKS Designs ~ DaeSkins ~ Designing Nicky Ree ~ Elite Designs Furniture ~ enkythings ~ First Impressions ~ Hair Solutions ~ Hubby’s Boutique ~ Ingenue ~ Irelyn ~ KessKreations ~ Kitchy/UOMO ~ Moonshine ~ PajamaRama ~ Philotic Energy ~ PrimPlay ~ Reaction ~ Rose Petal Creations ~ SecondWave Apparel ~ She’s So Unusual Shoes ~ SYD: Style Your Destiny ~ Tea Monster Clothing ~ Textures ‘r Us ~ Topaz Square ~ Wilted Rose ~


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