Saturday, August 19, 2006


Jackal Ennui, of Lassitude & Ennui, made these really hot high heeled sandals called Feral a few weeks ago and they were a must have. Even though I had nothing in a cheetah pattern I HAD TO HAVE these I bought them, in hopes that I would have time to make something to match. Yesterday, my thoughts became a reality with Chee. Vitamin Ci-Chee comes in the Feral color as well as Red, Purple, and Black. It's quite a simple dress but as Nali put it "It's not your usual but it still manages to be sexy and classy". It's already recieved several thumbs up! Feel free to stop by the Extraordinaire sim on Ocean Drive and check out Vitamin Ci's "new" section. There you'll find me cats meow! ENJOY! xoxo

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