Thursday, August 10, 2006

Lots of Thangs...

...have been going on. Some of you may have noticed my abscence but most of you have not. I can tell by the large number of offlines wondering how I am (no, really I can't) :-))

Anyway, I've not been on SL so no designing...BUT...I have been enjoying myself RL. I threw a suprise birthday party for my mother last Saturday and that bought me to my parents home. I've not left since. Although they do have the internet, none of their computers have the capability to do SL (suprise, they're not big gamers), which is good for me, cause that means I haven't sat on me arse a lot-- but bad because I've not had a chance to create anything. Either way, the store has been doing great so I thank my customers for their continued support (especially with all the horrid updates I've heard about). If by some chance I didn't get a message from you concerning a purchase because of all the capped messages I recieved (again, not really) please let me know. I've responded to all the offlines that reached my yahoo mail so hopefully, I got to all of you :-D

Another great announcment is that my neice is okay--not that any of you knew she wasn't....Yesterday she choked on something, had to be taken to the emergency room, and it was quite hectic for all of our family. She's my ace! Thankfully, whatever she was choking on either was plastic, passed or she threw up (it didn't show up on x-ray), and all is well. She's back to being my little Yama (my nickname for her), avoiding my kisses, and using the "point and laugh" method when I pretend to cry about it. I have to give God a big thumbs up for working this out for me. Life wouldn't be the same without my Bri.

This weekend I'm heading to Florida to enjoy a little before "back to school" fun. I'm sure there will be plenty of excitment. I'll be staying at my grandmother's home that is haunted. Don't believe me? IM me sometime and I'll tell you the stories :-)) Alot of my family lives in Florida so I'm sure I'll get to see them at some point. If you see me online before Monday afternoon, it's either Lonewolf Mackenzie or Lollypop Extraordinaire. Both of them will be checking my sales and offlines periodically so I can keep the customers happy. See you all Monday! :-D


Ninja Petion & Zoey Pinkdot said...

Hey boo! I'm so glad to hear that your niece is ok. Lordy those little ones sure know how to terrify you. I swear they do it on purpose. ;) Little do we know....after the emergency room visit....and the doc says "he/she seems fine to me"...we go home and sleep...and they sit up and laugh with their brothers and sisters about how much they scared mommy and daddy today. hahahahahaha. Can you tell I've done that whole emergency room thing more than once?? Just did 4 days ago in fact. lololol. Anyways...where in Florida are ya headed? Ninja and I live in Pensacola....along with my entire family....I seriously need to escape this town. ya...enjoy your vacation.

Ciera Bergman said...

hey zoey...was in jacksonville. had a great time..and ty! xoxo