Sunday, November 12, 2006

Bundle Up v2.0

If you're a designer, I'm sure you've made something where at the time you thought it was the best thing since sliced bread, but then realized months later there are much needed improvements. It's not against the law to go back and revisit your designs to make them your best--especially if you've gotten better with technique. First, with this outfit, all I was going to do is change the skirt to flex. Then I thought about all the custom requests I recieved on this outfit when it first came out: sweater covering entire belly, pants and skirt options, more plaid please (Minx is always asking for plaid). So, instead of just flexatizing it--I redid the whole thing! Now each Bundle Up color includes two turtlenecks: one cutoff and the other long, a pair of slacks, shorts, and a flex prim skirt. There is also an additional pack of turtlenecks in bright colors as well. Check them out @ Vitamin Ci's main store on Ocean Drive. They're in the "new" section in the center of the store! ENJOY!

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