Monday, May 21, 2007

Vitamin Ci-Class

A good friend of mine, Tigerlily Koi, owner of Calla suggested I make an outfit that was a mixture of Kim and Rachel. Vitamin Ci-Class was born! It comes with a top (no mod/no copy/trans, mesh skirt (mod/no copy/trans), and flex prim skirt (mod/no copy/trans) comes in 6 colors (pink shown). Available @ Vitamin Ci's main store in Hefferoo!

1 comment:

Tigerlily Koi said...

I remember ooo'ing over your dresses nearly a year ago. To have you ask me to tell you what I'd have you make, if I could pick anything...I never expected it would happen, lol. This is perfection. I love it! I love you! You're the BOMB baby! <3

Congrats on your sim opening, ya big heffer. *smooshy hugs*