Tuesday, May 22, 2007

Vitamin Ci's Grand Opening Reflection...

Oh, so many changes I've been through in the past few months! New friends, new sim, new chapter in my life. There's only been one constant, and that is my family. Why not? They have to put up with me! Anyway, most of you know that I had my grand opening on Sunday, but what had me all misty was my family! They threw a suprise Vitamin Ci grand opening celebration for me RL. I freaked! Like many other business people in SL I'm sure you've gotten the head scratching and puzzled look when you try to explain what you do on Second Life. My family was the same way until they saw how much work I put into it and what I was producing. Ever since then they've been behind me 110% and their party Sunday night proved it:

Look, they decorated one of our rooms. "Congratulations VCi"

Why? Cause it's good for you!

Ciera Bergman may be cute all day, but RL Calesta looked like she was suprised by this photo and on the computer all day (that white stuff all over me is homemade confetti)...Sorry kids, had to block me out. I have something against showing people my pictures unless I'm looking dead sexy. But you can see the fiance..he's hot :-D

Now, I'm sure you understand why I didn't do a step by step of the account of what happened at the SL Grand Opening when I had THIS to share :-)) I love you guys though...thank you sooooo much for coming! It made me feel so special that so many people love the store and care about my success. CHEERS!


Tigerlily Koi said...

What an incredible family. That's so awesome that they support you like that. :)

I remember the night Hae and I bought Callatropia, my husband opened a bottle of wine. It was nice to be able to share that with someone RL. Cause they do usually look at me kinda funny. ;)

I've always been impressed with your talent and your kindness. Here's to lots more parties on your new sim! <3

Tuli Asturias said...

Woohoo hefferoo that's so awesome! You are blessed, gurl. And yes, the fiance IS hot! Talking about hot fiances...find me one of those will ya?
Congratulations on your new sim =)

Lucas Lameth said...

Aww, that is so sweet! Got me all tingly inside reading this post ! Thanks for sharing! <333 Happy Vitamin Ci opening! :: sneaks away to visit ::

caLLie cLine said...

i'm so proud of you ms. hefferoo. i'll never forget being new and your reaching out to me, so kind, helpful, and funny to boot. i've admired you for so long, and have watched you grow as a designer and i'm so happy for you.

your opening was great, and i wish you the best. i still giggle everytime you im me out of the blue.. and since you called me hefferoo everytime you im'd me, i thought you named your sim after me!!! lmao...

you a fo and a freak... and only you are the one and only true HEFFFFEROOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO!


all the best to you, you're a great girl.


caLLie cLine said...

oh p.s. ty for letting me model for you for your new outfit!!! hehe. it was fun!!!

use me anytime!

(uh, just tip me ok?)

jk heff.