Thursday, June 14, 2007

Beach Party!!!

Yes, there's another party @ Vitamin Ci! Summers can get slow in SL and to entertain myself AND you, my assistants and I are making sure that you have fun on the Hefferoo Sim! Our last event we had inside the store. Today we'll be having it on the beach, right outside the store. Yes, there is more to the Hefferoo Sim than Vitamin Ci. I hope to see you there!

PS: My latest swimwear for men and ladies will be released at the party :-D


Tanya Book said...

P.S. Do you do the Google Calendar thing? I'd love to know about these further in advance.

Ciera Bergman said...

Hey Tanya. I haven't done a Google Calendar, BUT...that may be a good idea. I just notice usually if you don't make a notice very close to the event, people seem to forget it's going to happen...but with a calendar that'd be a win win...I'll look into getting one! xoxo THANKS