Sunday, June 10, 2007


Farrah is my 70's inspired outfit. One of my assistants wanted to do a 70's party...and I was like ummmm...I don't have any 70's outfits! So many people were asking for the Swirve top in different patterns and colors so I figured this would make everyone happy....The handkerchief top has a subtle paisley pattern and the bell bottoms have some not so subtle mod prim bells. I especially love the butterfly buckle on the belt as well as the butterfly tattoo that can be worn on the back. It's available in 4 awesome colors (Brown Shown). I hope you love this outfit as much as I do. Available @ Vitamin Ci's Main store in HEFFEROO!

ps: You may notice that my orange logo is different. Yes, yes...I'm changing my little man. Meet Ernge! Expect to see more of Ernge @ Vitamin Ci :-D


Jayde Lisle said...

Absolutely gorgeous Ciera! This new outfit is SO faboo!

Totally dig the hair as well, where is it from? You rock in ANY decade, chica! :-D

Ciera Bergman said...

Jayde, Hair is from Nylon Outfitters