Tuesday, July 24, 2007

Hefferoo 50% for 500 Sale

To celebrate Vitamin Ci Addicts' group reaching its 500th member, the entire Hefferoo sim is going to celebrate. At first I was going to make it a group only sale but I think it will be beneficial for all if we include EVERYONE in the festivities! Thank you group members and all customers for making Vitamin Ci a success. All Second Life members will save up to 50% (with the exclusion of most new items) from the following stores on the Hefferoo Sim*:

Vitamin Ci
Analog Dog
Alyssa Bijoux
Body Perfect
Mystical Designs
Patchworks Maternity
Pennie Lane
::: Pura Vida :::
Spell Bound
Sweet Poison

This means clothes, maternity wear, hair, skins, shapes, heels, boots, home decor for EVERYONE... all up to 50% off!

July 27th Sim Closed for Vendors to Set Up
July 28th (12am) Sim Opens for sale
July 30th (11:59pm) Sim Closed for Vendors to Break Down
July 31st (?) Ciera Bergman will announce when Hefferoo is open to the public.


Ciera Bergman

ps: The following outfits will be discontinued after the sale:
Chee, Bohemian, Tied Down, Ayu, Spanish Remix, Lauren, Censored, Hazzard, Parfait, Regal, Urban Fantasy, Sweetie Kini, and Sun Kissed.

*Store names have been edited since original post.

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