Sunday, July 15, 2007

No Trans ITEMS...

You'll see the above notice posted all over the Hefferoo sim, but just in case you've not visited in a ya are! Items will be non trans/copy/prim skirts and selected items (like certain pants) mod. There are several reasons why I'm going this route. Here are a few of them: SL is borked often. I get at least one customer a day saying they didn't receive an outfit they bought. I'd feel a lot more comfortable handing the replacement over if I knew for sure they didn't just give it to a friend and are now expecting me to give them a new one. Most people are NOT doing that, I'm sure....but here's one way to be safe. Also, there are an increasing amount of resellers around, which would not bother me, except some charge more for my items than "I" do. Not cool. Soooo, here's your chance. If you'd like to buy any item while it's still transferable, you have almost two weeks. It also helps me get the word out so there are no surprises. Speaking of addicts will get a little treat coming soon. I'll post more on that later ;-)


1 comment:

dyna said...

hi ciera,

first i'm annoyed with all this things like no trans,
but your explanation why you did it change my mind.
well done you are right, the world is not fair.

your taste in music is like me.
take care