Wednesday, October 10, 2007

Ciera Bergman & Melanie Zhao's 1st Collaboration

Presenting Ciera Bergman (Vitamin Ci) & Melanie Zhao's (Zhao Shoes) first collaboration:

Rachelle & Clover

Vitamin Ci-Rachelle has a selection of 4 colorful sweater sets (Red, Purple, Gray, & Brown). They include a mock top, belted sweater & mod slacks. To compliment the slacks, there are also prim flares. You can wear the slacks with or without them. They're still hot!

Zhao-Clover comes in colors that compliment the Rachelle sets. Melanie Zhao makes our jaws drop again with her lovely detailed heels, straps and clasps...They also come with a script the let you bling, walk with sound, do a sexy walk, or NONE of these things. Gotta love options!

These items are sold separately and available @ Vitamin Ci's main store on the Hefferoo Sim. Enjoy! xoxo

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