Tuesday, July 25, 2006

Thank You, Shelley

Shelley Pinkney was one of my first shop assistants. My store was half the size it is now, blue, and had a big ass orange in the center, waving at everyone. It looked like it was right off of a video game. Shelley would hold events such as treasure hunts, meet and greets, chat & coffee mornings, plus your run of the mill best in black club stuff. Those were the days: small, comfortable, and fun. We'd butt heads....OFTEN but we needed eachother. It's funny when I think back on all the petty arguments we used to have. She told me once "You don't thank me enough!" I rolled my eyes, sighed, and vowed to thank her EVERYDAY she was in the store. I did. I kept my promise. Right before our new store was underway, Shelley took some time off of SL, she hadn't been feeling well. She'd come on sometimes with an occasional hello, but she wasn't the 24 hour, Vitamin Ci Shelley I once knew. I couldn't wait for her to feel better and come back.

The day she'd come back and be my #1 never happened. She passed away July 15th of Lymphoma. Of course it took me a while deal with it. I'm not the type of person who talks a lot about death. I guess because the unknowns of it scare me. At first you feel a lot of regret...what you could have said/done differently. But, hopefully you get past that, and realize all the fun times you had...and we did have fun. She was so dedicated to me, my co-owner @ the time, Lone...and our store. I appreciated her so much! Today I put out a fountain in my store in rememberance of her (Thanks to Dyna Diller, Alyssa Bijoux, and Pennie Strauss). It's nothing grand...just very simple--something I can look at and smile. Thank you Shelley for being such a great person! You will be missed, but I'm sure heaven is a lot more fun than VCi! Aloha...my prayers are with your friends and family always. xoxo -Ci


Ninja Petion & Zoey Pinkdot said...

Everytime I hear about things like this it blows my mind. I sometimes tell myself...no way...it can't be true. I've never really had to deal with death and when it happens to someone so young it floors me. It really hits home how short life can be and how unexpectedly it can end. Mine and Ninja's prayers go out to all of Shelley's friends and family. I will be stopping by the fountain tonight to pay my respects. RIP sweet angel.

Lexi Morgan said...

Very touching post, Ci. I didnt have the honor of knowing Shelley but my thoughts and prayers are with her. *hugs*