Friday, July 28, 2006

Who's Martha?

She's sexy, classy, and a little on the preppy side. She's a nerd, she's the star, she's got spunk...she's you! Introducing, Vitamin Ci-Martha... I'm actaully quite pleased with how this turned out and it didnt' consist of me sweating over prims, thank GOD! The top and the skirt have the sweater pattern on it so you get the whole sweater-vest and button down shirt underneath, look. There's a little paisley detail on the cuffs of the sleeves and socks. Then you have argyle socks with that same argyle trim on the hem of the skirt. I lubs eet! I hope you do's available in so many colors, you're bound to find one you like: slate, pink/green (shown), purple/mint, burgundy/pink, teal/tan, and red/berry. Available @ Vitamin Ci's main store in Extraordinaire. YAY :-D


Wanda Rich said...

prim skirt dammit!

Ciera Bergman said...

ho, dont be commin up on here harrassin me or imma have to karate chop yo ass! ....yanno, i did try the whole pant thing...i didnt like it...BUT the top is a jacket so if you find a nice pair of jeans to wear it with, it'll work...lubs ya!