Thursday, October 19, 2006

I'm Miffed!

Why, you may ask? ...and so what if you don't. My blog, my rants, k? My girl A.J. got sent home on America's next top model! What is that about?! She had a kickass runway walk AND she takes fabulous pictures. Okay, so she messed up in ONE challenge. Jada on the other hand hasn't had a great photoshoot YET. Why are they keeping her around? I don't hate Jada...I just love A.J. What were they thinking? She even won Top Model’s cover girl of the week the day she was cut. I guess the producers didn't want A.J. to win for whatever reason and wanted to axe her out while they had a chance. I think it was between her and Melrose all along. I would have loved to see those two opposites hash it out.... Now the heffer has no competition! Okay, maybe CariDee. We'll see. *Sighs* Bye A.J....believe me, you can still be a supermodel if it's something you want to pursue.


CronoCloud said...

Those beetches juding don't know their rear ends from a hole in the ground. A.J. was the only one that had "it", that I could see as a supermodel. She was fierce!

violet~! said...

I agree ... AJ shouldn't have been axed because her one bad shot. Although, the judges did have a good point that she seemed to have no drive anymore (Unless that's tricky reality TV editing. That mixes me up sometimes :O).

But yeah ... I was rooting for her or Anchal but after this episode, I'm favoring Caridee a little but who knows ... If they both get cut, I'll settle for anyone who isn't Melrose :D