Saturday, October 14, 2006

O...M...G! Hair Touching NO NO!

I saw this video and I wanted to slap Barabra myself. I admired the class Brandy and Tanika Ray had in this incident. In most cases that could have turned ugly! Look at both of these women's faces when she initially touches their head. People...generally, have their personal space and I suspect hair pulling is a little too much for EVERYONE...but just in cas e it isn't.... A: Never put your hands in an African-American woman's hair unless she says "Touch my hair, please." (by the way, that's never going to happen unless you're a professional hair stylist). B: Never ask "Is that your real hair?" WTF? There's so many things wrong with that. Barbara Walters doesn't live in a bubble somewhere in Connecticut. She's a journalist that has been all over the world and encountered many cultures. She knows--she was just being....rude. Not cute Barabra...not cute at all!


Ciera Bergman said...

(a note from simone, who forgot her password...lucky me, i get to reply to my own post)...

"Got nothing to do with being african american, hon. People don't just touch others. It's rude. Unless of course it's family, and then all bets are off. Or a dear dear dear friend. But someone you don't know? At best, it's considered condescending, at worst, it's considered a pass. Either way, Bahbwa's lucky she didn't get slapped."


bella Domela said...

OMG! Wash and go baby wash and go! AND she pulled it! Simone is right - there is a personal space you just gotta respect and Barbara knows better.