Wednesday, December 12, 2007

Comfy & Nali

They're just outfits you have to see ON...fab I tell you, FAB...and I know I'm bias...sure...but take my word for it!

At any rate, I now present to you Vitamin Ci Comfy:
Stripes never looked so....comfy. This loverly outfit comes in three colors: Hunter (shown), Pink, and Blue. It has nifty leggings that I just adore and I really hope you like the texture work.

Also, we have Nali. Nali is a simple but very yummy sweater dress. I have no doubts you'll turn heads in it this nifty dress in 6 colors: Black, Electric, Brown, Red (shown), Purple, and Sage.

Both of these outfits are available at Vitamin Ci's main store on Hefferoo. Also, if you like to shop online or would like to buy this item as a gift Comfy and Nali are available @ Onrez! Enjoy xoxo

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