Thursday, June 29, 2006

Gaucho Goodness!

Okay, so ...I've decided I dislike gaucho pants in SL just as much as I do RL! My real life self is a curvy, 5'2, pint sized ball of yummy goodness, that legs just look horrible in gaucho pants! That's a wonderful way to start off an intro to a new outfit huh? ...Well, I do believe in honesty so gotta lay it all out there. SL, it's not as bad, but there's no way I was gonna do em flexi...It just looked stupid....these days though, if a prim isn't moving...the flex prim snobs freak out...LOL...side story...some chick bought a prim dress from me that wasn't flex (she didn't read the description)...Her comment: "I guess I can give it to some newb". :-))With that being said...I've made the gaucho bells mod...and I've situated the prim so all you gotta do is turn flex on if that tickles ya fancy! But don't cry if you buy and those bells aren't movin....Irina has a top, gaucho pants and pant bells... comes in Gray, Pink, Cream (shown), and Mint. Available @ Vitamin Ci's main store in Extraordinaire. ENJOY! xoxo Ci

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