Wednesday, June 14, 2006

It's Official

As of June 14, 2006 Vitamin Ci is solely mine. Yes, my co-owner Lonewolf Mackenzie has decided to start his own ventures. At first there was a little snippiness back and forth about the whole deal, but that came from my own fear. The fear that without him, I just wont be as good. He's the reason I started making clothes in the first place, and I'm hoping that without him, I don't lose my inspiration. Anyway, with that being said I hope you all wish him the best, I have...AND all of his yummy male goodness he's created thus far will continue to stay at Vitamin Ci. All male clothing from this day on will be by me. I know, be very afraid With school, RL, and the fact that I don't like making male clothing all that much...that area will probably come to a screeching halt as far as new things are concerned for a while. Don't fret though men. I love you too much to leave you by the SOON as I have time, I'll do something. I appreciate you too much NOT to! Besides, I don't want you to join your buddies on the female side...we need some cute guys to look at! Thanks to all for being so supportive with not only this but generally. You guys are great! xoxo

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