Saturday, June 03, 2006

Finding My Niche...

So, I squeezed in a little time to make an outfit: Vitamin Ci-Sierra. It comes from a pattern I used as a noobie making clothing. If anyone's been around long enough, they may remember Vitamin Ci-Jung. A HUGE difference! The stuff lines up now, there are straps, different colors, and yes...yes, Flexi prims. This dress could have definately been called "evolution" but that would have been a bit chliche! I named it Sierra because at first I was going for the whole Midwest feel, but again, it evolved....It evolved into some really awesome colors that I'm in love with. When I first started making clothes I made a lot of ethnic inspired clothing, lots of colors, even browns and beiges...people weren't feelin them, so a fellow designer suggested I stick to the reds, blacks, and things you could wear to club contests. That's probably the best advice I could have gotten because that did attract more people, and after I got enough interested, they were willing to trust me...They trust that THIS looks good, even though it's pink and green (as shown in picture). I know I wont be able to convince everyone, so I made it in gray and black to play it safe. The Vitamin Ci-Sierra Night (gray and black) actually has been my best seller of the colors so it goes to show you everyone isn't ready to walk on the wild side with me, BUT there are more and more everyday! I'm able to express my style and people still love it. I'm happy about this! Plan on seeing more color and more ethnic inspired clothing at Vitamin Ci. Why? Cause it's good for you!

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