Thursday, June 22, 2006

Great Week

Do you ever find yourself just exceptionally happy for no reason at all? That has been my week. Sunday, I made a vow to myself I'd have a GOOD week and it's cool... I have! LOL....I think i'll do this "making a deal with myself" thing more often. My essay for World History went smoothly...Although I don't know if I made an 'A' or not, it feels hopeful. My final history class is this Monday. Thank God for 4 week classes. This means I'll only have Exceptional Children and Field Experience left, and that ends late July. YAY! The moral of this story is to not let the little things get you down. When you look deeper, you'll find a great life, with friends, family, and sunshine! Yall be good, ya hear?! xoxo

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