Friday, May 19, 2006

Walk Like an Egyptian

Vitamin Ci-Cleo...yay

Okay, I peed myself when I got straps right the first try...but that's besides the point. Vitamin Ci-Cleo has the whole egyptian thing going for it and it is sex-ex-exah! Comes with detailed top, thong, skirt, regular and prim armbands, and a snake headband that has jewel eyes. The headband and armbands are thanks to my sexy model and friend Tasty Tiramisu. Sure, I suck at prims but she still makes sure my outfits are hooked up. YAY! I love her. Lots of accents on this outfit, you'll love! It comes in three lovely colors: Purple, Gold, and Blue. Available @ Vitamin Ci in the Extraordinaire sim. I really enjoyed making this outfit. I hope everyone enjoys wearing it.

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